3PW No Limits

3PW No Limits - Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA - July 17, 2004

1. In the opening match, CJ O' Doyle faced Monsta Mack. CJ received another great ovation, while Mack was nearly booed out of the building after continuing to claim that he was a hardcore legend, on par with the likes of Rob Van Dam, even coming out to Pantera's "Walk". After a competitive "David/Goliath"-like battle (which saw Mack AGAIN screw up his version of the Van-Terminator), none other than LOW-KI appeared, chasing off Mack and beating the crap out of O' Doyle, and causing this match to be ruled a no-contest.

2. Low-Ki arrogantly took the microphone, insulting the efforts of those in the opening contest, and demanding that JERRY LYNN, his scheduled opponent for that night, come to the ring immediately. Lynn obliged, albeit a bit taken aback by Low-Ki's new self-centered demeanor. Instead of offering explanation, Ki simply attacked Lynn, jump-starting their match way ahead of schedule, and setting off an intense brawl between the two. After a hard hitting, no-holds-barred contest, Low-Ki further tarnished his honorable reputation by attempting to use the ropes for leverage to pin Lynn. The referee noticed the infraction and kicked Low-Ki away, giving Lynn the opportunity to reverse the cradle and get the 3-count.

3. Tag team action was up next. First out was ROB ECKOS, who once again proclaimed that he had convinced his on-again/off-again friend STRIKER to ditch his nonsensical gimmick parodies in order to become a serious wrestler. And once again, Eckos was disappointed, as we saw the arrival of "THE STRIKER MAN", an obvious Sandman tribute. Striker did one better than the "Hardcore Icon", bringing a recreational stash to smoke along with the usual assortment of beer and cigarettes. Their opponents, "Double Trouble", (JACK VICTORY and ROCKIN' REBEL), were more concerned with bumming some beer and smokes from Striker in the early going, until Eckos became the ultimate party pooper by putting out the sought-after joint, forcing an actual wrestling match to take place. In the end, Striker was once again responsible for his team's loss, getting so caught up in his gimmick that he mistakenly caned his partner. Afterwards, Eckos told him that he had just committed "Strike 2"...one more screw-up, and Eckos would be forced to abandon Striker as a partner AND as a friend.

4. Next was the return of a signature 3PW event: The Wet T shirt contest. This was a must see, as both APRIL HUNTER and JASMIN ST. CLAIRE allowed themselves to be fully soaked, leaving very little to the imagination under their skin-tight, paper thin T-shirts. As TALIA attempted to strut her stuff, Jasmin ripped into both her AND the judge (and 3PW commissioner...AND slavemaster to Talia), "Sugar Daddy" Tod Gordon. Jasmin voiced her jealousy over Gordon's new infatuation with Talia instead of her, and we were about to find out how deep this vindictiveness had become. Suddenly, as Gordon became distracted by April's, um, jiggling, Jasmin's PITBULLS 2004 hit the ring, annihilating Talia with a Death Valley Driver and bringing a disturbing end to the fun.

5. Another chapter in a long-standing rivalry was up next, as RUCKUS was set to meet old foe DAMIAN ADAMS. Enter 3PW Heavyweight Champ JOEY MATTHEWS, who proclaimed that he was using his pull as champion to make some company decisions. He offered the winner of this match a shot at his belt at our next event in August. With so much on the line, both competitors went all-out, hitting big move after big move in an attempt to not only beat their rival, but earn a shot at the ultimate prize. Adams even pulled out brass knuckles, but his planned backfired, as Ruckus scored the pinfall and a date with destiny net month.

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6. In a tag team war, Jasmin St. Claire's PITBULLS 2004 (Gary Wolfe and Mike Kruel) made their official debut, taking on the challenge of reunited partners ROADKILL and the BLUE MEANIE. With so much bad blood in this one, it certainly wasn't pretty, but in the end, it was the PITBULLS who were able to get the decisive victory, putting away the Meanie after sending Roadkill through the timekeeper's table.


7. It was time for the 3PW Heavyweight Championship to be decided, as Joey Matthews took on the challenge of SLYK WAGNER BROWN, along with April Hunter. Brown had been granted this match by Tod Gordon as payment for helping him in his war with Striker. However, the undefeated challenger proved that he was definitely worthy of competing for the richest prize in 3PW, coming extremely close to defeating Matthews on many occasions. In the end , it was a miscue by Brown that led to his defeat, as he mistakenly connected with April on a baseball slide attempt, sending her crashing into the steel guard rail. This distraction enabled Joey to wallop Brown over the head with his title belt, and then connect with his double-arm DDT to finally get the victory. Tremendous match which almost saw Matthews lose his championship due to underestimating his opponent: will he make the same mistake next month when he defends against Ruckus?

8. Finally, it was time for the most anticipated rematch in 3PW history. AJ Styles Vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Last time, they were both beaten by time: tonight, it would not be a factor, as the match would be allowed to go as long as it would take to get a winner. Words cannot do this match justice, as two of the best threw everything they could muster at each other in order to prove that they were superior. Styles mercilessly punished Daniel's recently injured shoulder; Daniels focused on AJ's lower back. Each man pulled out all of his big moves, as well as some from his opponent's playbook. In the end, after a little more than 35 intense minutes, Christopher Daniels blocked and countered an attempted "Styles Clash" into a roll-up, and using the ropes illegally, got the victory, putting an end to one of the most thrilling athletic rivalries to ever grace the ECW arena... for now.