3PW For the Gold

The New Alhambra - Philadelphia, PA - November 20th, 2004

LOW-KI stormed the ring, again proclaiming the inferiority of the 3PW company and locker room. Like he had done in months prior, Ki demanded that his scheduled match start right then and there, and got his wish when his opponent, SLYCK WAGNER BROWN, with APRIL HUNTER in tow, stormed the ring to get it on. The match was brutal, as the two absolutely tore into each other with bruising kicks and chops. As the action intensified, Low-Ki even went after April several times. This may have distracted Brown, allowing Ki to get the advantage and a harsh double-stomp from the top rope to pick up the victory. Afterwards, Low-Ki advised Slyck to stop worrying about April, and to make a choice: his "pride" or his "piece". gold Next was a return match, as ROB ECKOS returned to one-on-one action. Pre-match, he once again verbally disassociated himself from longtime friend/enemy/tag partner STRIKER, and promised to continue to pursue his new, no-nonsense approach to his 3PW career. His opponent, CJ O' DOYLE, charged the ring and attacked before the bell, eager to gain revenge for the loss and post-match attack that he suffered at the hands of Eckos last show. CJ took the fight to Eckos throughout the back-and-forth match, and at one point seemed poised to finish him off. Unfortunately, as he went to drag Rob back into the ring from the apron, Eckos grabbed the ring bell and nailed O' Doyle right in the face, knocking him out cold. The action was so flagrant, so callous, and so damaging that a rare disqualification was called. Sadistically, Eckos actually continued the beat down post-match, and seemed rather pleased with his new, "improved" intensity, despite losing the match.

3PW Tag team Championship action was next, as Jasmin St. Claire led her PITBULLS 2004 to the ring to defend their newly-won titles. Pre-match, Jasmin grabbed the microphone and publicly addressed her issues with TALIA, laying out a challenge for a Bra and Panties match in December! We would get Talia's answer later, but for now, "Pitbull" Gary Wolf and "Shooter" Mike Kruel has their own business to attend to: namely, the challenge of Damian Adams and Monsta Mack, who were teaming for the first time. Mack and Adams gelled surprisingly well as a team, and appeared on the verge of upending the champs throughout this wild contest. However, several blunders by the delusional Monsta Mack made the difference, as the super heavyweight could not fight the urge to attempt the high-risk Van Terminator. The PITBULLS 2004 took advantage, got the win, and kept the gold, leaving Adams none to happy with his partner. Next was a highly-anticipated match between CHRIS SABIN and JOEY MATTHEWS, who proclaimed that he is now a "sports-entertainer", and no longer needs to concentrate on his actual wrestling skills. This proved not to be the case, as Sabin forced the former Heavyweight Champion to get serious with his impressive mix of quickness and innovation. The match was tremendous, with both men trying to outthink the other. In the end, Sabin scored the clean 3-count in what has to be the biggest moment of his 3PW career. Afterwards, an upset and irrational Matthews challenged Sabin to a rematch on December 18th...loser leaves 3PW! Sabin acknowledged that his 3PW Career was just getting started, but reluctantly accepted, only to be laid out by Matthews afterwards.

More tag team action followed, as JACK VICTORY finally dragged himself away from the Cheerleaders Strip Club to join his "Double Trouble" partner, ROCKIN' REBEL. Rebel chastised his partner for his recent absence, and took himself out of the match, leaving Victory to face both the BLUE MEANIE and ROADKILL alone, just as Rebel had to do last month. Predictably, Meanie and Roadkill got the win, having a lot of fun at both Victory and Rebel's expense along the way. Afterwards, Victory announced that he was going back to Cheerleaders. Next came one of the most eventful episodes ever of the infamous "Sugar Shack", as always hosted by 3PW Commissioner TOD GORDON. Gordon first let his girlfriend Talia respond to Jasmin's challenge earlier in the night. To the arousal...um, I mean, approval of every fan in the building, she accepted. She also informed Tod of evidence that she had seen at the 3PW corporate offices of a possible mole in the company. Gordon then introduced his guest, April Hunter, whom had voiced her attraction to Gordon's "power" last month. The commish offered his managerial services to April, claiming that she could be a star on her own with his guidance. Just as Hunter accepted, none other than wrestling journalist BILL APTER came out. He identified himself as the mole in question, revealed that he is actually a member of the 3PW Board of directors, and warned Gordon that he could not be a manager and commissioner at the same time. Gordon then shockingly gave up his commissioner position, instantly dedicating himself solely to April's career. Apter named himself interim commissioner, and Gordon decided to give April her first solo challenge, a match with the diminutive DON E. ALLEN. As expected, the Amazonian April dominated and pinned Allen, but then continued the assault. Apter reappeared, reversing the decision, and suspending April for 60 days, putting a major stumbling block in this new chapter of her career.

Next event.

Another surprise followed, as we saw the introduction, and return to Philadelphia, of SIMON DIAMOND, who got a standing ovation and a huge "welcome back" chant. His opponent was the man who on this occasion wanted to be known as the "Nature Boy", STRIKE Flair. Striker did the real Nature Boy proud, entering the ring complete with two beautiful women (although they were about the size of FOUR of Ric Flair's ladies), knockoff robe, fake big nose, fake saggy manboobs, and a very accurate cardboard replica of a classic championship belt (which did very little damage when he tried to use it midmatch, save for a vicious paper cut). The crowd was into this match bigtime, as Striker frustrated and befuddled Simon, who quickly realized that things are a bit different in Philly these days. Simon eventually hit a superkick to get the win in his 3PW debut, but history tells us that this probably won't prevent Striker from getting even goofier in the future. Finally, the match everyone was waiting for, as "Fallen Angel" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS and AJ STYLES would tangle for a third time...this time, for Daniels' 3PW Heavyweight Championship. As expected, this was yet another classic. Even more than in their previous encounters, both men seemed to have the other well-scouted, and proved it by cleverly countering each others patented offense in previously unseen ways. Specifically, Styles seemed more hellbent then ever on reversing his recent string of bad breaks. Desperate to prove to the world that he CAN beat Daniels, AJ pulled out all the stops, and would not be beaten, even after an Angel's Wings. It truly seemed like this would be AJ Styles' night, but then, out came Low-Ki, followed moments later by Slyck Wagner Brown. Confusion reigned supreme, but after interference by the two caused AJ to get pinned, it all became clear: Slyck and Low-Ki were now a unit. The two most dominant bullies on the block were now working together, and were looking to make a mark not only by screwing AJ out of his shot at the title, but by putting the boots to him afterwards. Styles looked doomed, when, even more surprisingly, none other than Christopher Daniels returned to the ring to make the save! At this point, it's tough to tell who AJ Styles can trust, but one thing is certain: the most anticipated match in 3PW Championship History is now in the record books, but the newly-sparked war involving these top competitors may be more insane than ANYTHING we have seen before!