3PW 5 Star 4 Way

Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA - August 21st, 2004

Kicking things off, 3PW Commissioner TOD GORDON hit the ring to address the crowd. He referenced the absence of "Slavegirl" TALIA, whom was injured last month at the hands of Pitbulls 2004 on the orders of JASMINE ST. CLAIRE. He previewed the night's action, and promised that RUCKUS' postponed title shot will happen in the near future, but was interrupted by 3PW Heavyweight Champ JOEY MATTHEWS, who ran down his recent winning streak and heatedly told the commish that he would emerge from the night with his belt still around his waist, despite the deck being stacked against him. The interruptions were not done, as the familiar ECW Theme song unexpectedly blared from the arena's sound system for the first time in years. Out came the familiar hat...the familiar phone... even the familiar press passes 'round the neck, but it was actually STRIKER, imitating the former ECW head honcho to a tee, and proclaiming Tod Gordon "guilty...as charged!" Gordon blew off Striker, telling him that he better worry about the upcoming Tag Team Championship Rumble and his seemingly dead-in-the-water partnership with ROB ECKOS instead.

1) Action kicked off with RUCKUS taking on SLYK WAGNER BROWN (with APRIL HUNTER). Both men were looking for a win to keep them in the title hunt, and held nothing back in trying to score that victory. Brown surprisingly matched Ruckus in quickness and high-flying ability, but in the end, a surprise roll-up gave Ruckus the win.

2) It was now time for the 3PW Rumble to determine the first-ever 3PW Tag Team Champions. Two teams would start, and a new team would enter every five minutes with teams being eliminated by pinfall OR by being tossed over the top rope. The final two teams were to duke it out under normal tag rules. Introduced first was "Bush-Striker", whose New Zealand throwback gimmick and solo entrance caused most to believe that he was indeed left to fight alone by a fed-up Rob Eckos. The second team to enter the fray was DOUBLE TROUBLE (Jack Victory and Rockin' Rebel), who looked to make quick work of their lone foe until the Bushwackers Theme suddenly hit again...and out came "Bush-Eckos"!. The reunited duo unleashed battering rams for all, and kept up the offense "Luke & Butch" style until being eliminated just before the entrance of Team#3...PITBULLS 2004, flanked by Jasmine St. Claire. Wolfe and Kruel teased a kinship with Rebel and Victory before ripping into them, soon to be joined by team#4...NICOLA STRIKER and the IRON ECKOS! Never mind that these two had already been eliminated... never mind that the other combatants actually stopped fighting out of sheer confusion while Eckos unsuccessfully tried to swing the "Iron Sheik"-like clubs, and Striker maimed the Russian National Anthem... didn't matter, as they were eliminated in mid-anthem...next up, THE BLUE MEANIE and ROADKILL., who immediately had words with shared enemy Jasmine before asserting themselves, taking full advantage of their stature as the largest team in the match. Eventually, Double Trouble were eliminated. The next team to enter were SLYK WAGNER BROWN and APRIL HUNTER, whom looked fresh and ready to go, despite Brown's hard-fought singles match earlier. Hunter quickly showed that she was easily as tough as any of the men, backing down from absolutely none. Just when things couldn't get any more unique, Black Sabbath's "IRON MAN" blasted from the arena's speakers, and... you guessed it, "Hawk" Striker and "Animal" Eckos, made their way to the ring to a loud "L.O.D." chant... and were quickly eliminated again. With Meanie and Roadkill eliminated, in part thanks to Jasmine, it was down to Pitbulls 2004 and Slyk and April. In the end, it was a flying bodypress by April Hunter that did the job, pining Mike Kruel and winning Brown and Hunter the 3PW Tag Team Championship!

3) In a return match, CJ O' DOYLE took on MONSTA MACK. Last time these two met, they were interrupted by an arrogant LOW-KI. This time, it was none other than Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter crashing the party. Brown took the microphone mid-match to mock out O'Doyle, claiming that he could take him out in 4 minutes or less. Hunter one-upped him, boasting that she could make him submit in TWO minutes or less. The fight was on, and it wasn't long before the powerful April got her hand around CJ's...um, "O'Doul's", causing an instant submission that every male in the building probably winced at.

4) Monsta Mack re-entered the ring, complaining that his matches have been shut down two months in a row, and demanding that old foe ROADKILL come out for another showdown. The "Angry Amish Warrior" was quick to oblige, and the two super heavyweights ripped into each other just like old times, using garbage cans and whatever else they could find. For once, Mack actually connected with the "Van Mack-inator", but lost his balance on a top-rope frogsplash attempt, instead finding himself on the business end of a "Barnburner" through a table. Roadkill crawled on top, and got the victory.

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5) It was time for the main event, as JOEY MATTHEWS would defend his title against AJ STYLES, the debuting CHRIS SABIN, and "Fallen Angel" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS in a four-way elimination match. All competitors were introduced, and it was abundantly clear to all that THIS was the match that fans far and wide came to see. Simply put, the atmosphere was electric, and all four men were ready for anything. A proper description of this match could never do it justice: it simply has to be seen to be appreciated. Rest assured, this contest will go down as one of the best in 3PW's history, and with so much talent in the ring, none expected less. To a certain extent, all four men were successful. Sabin tore down the house in his debut, assuring his status as a big-time player on the City of Brotherly Love. Unfortunately, a surprise double-arm DDT from Joey Matthews put him down for the three-count and ended his championship bid on this occasion. Styles survived an extended double-team by Daniels and Matthews, the two men in the match whom had beaten him in 3PW previously. The courage, heart and toughness that he displayed proved that he IS championship material in 3PW, and the passionate support that he got from the live crowd ensures that he will definitely be in line for another championship opportunity. Matthews got Pinfalls over Chris Sabin and AJ Styles in one match, adding to his always-extending list of accomplishments. Matthews may not have been happy about being forced to face such stiff competition, but he rose to the occasion and solidified his status as a true great in our sport. HOWEVER... Christopher Daniels had a plan. He used Matthews to help get rid of Styles and Sabin, and then focused on the "New School"...The Champion...the one man who stood between himself and 3PW domination. Suddenly, the two most ring-savvy superstars in Philadelphia were going move-for-move, and there was no telling who would come out on top. Matthews hit the "Virginia Neck Tie". Daniels connected with the "Best Moonsault Ever". Neither move did the job. In the end, after well over 40 minutes of action, the "Fallen Angel" connected with "Last Rites" and got the pinfall. The crowd exploded as Daniels was officially announced as the NEW 3PW Heavyweight Champion. It was one of the most memorable moments in 3PW history, but it's NOTHING compared to what we may be in store for, as the era of the "Fallen Angel" has officially begun!