3PW Till We Meet Again

The New Alhambra - Philadelphia, PA - October 16th, 2004

The action began before Ring Announcer Bob Artese could even bring the first match to the ring, as ROB ECKOS made an early appearance. Eckos, whom had finally given in to the wacky ways of his sometimes-tag partner STRIKER last show, denounced his recent actions, claiming temporary insanity and promising to never again succumb to the temptation to be anything less than 100% serious. He claimed that his friendship with Striker was over, and that he would prove his point later in the evening.

1. Scheduled action commenced with the ROCKIN' REBEL in a one-on-one match against the BLUE MEANIE. Rebel's "Double Trouble" tag partner, JACK VICTORY, was curiously absent, much to his chagrin. In the end, the Meanie was able to befuddled the Rebel en route to a solid victory.

2. We next bore witness to the return of the most controversial talk segment in 3PW history, the SUGAR SHACK. Out came self-proclaimed Sugar Daddy, host, and 3PW commissioner TOD GORDON, along with the returning TALIA. Talia acknowledged her recent injuries incurred during an attack by PITBULLS 2004, on order from Tod's ex, JASMIN St. CLAIRE. With Gordon's approval, she announced that she would serve as guest referee for the upcoming Tag Title match between the Pitbulls 2004 and the champs, SLYCK WAGNER BROWN & APRIL HUNTER. Out came Jasmin, who tried her best to sweet talk her former "Sugar Daddy" into a reconciliation, but Talia took offense and tore her clothes off, sending her packing and vowing revenge. Gordon then introduced his official guest, 2 COLD SCORPIO. Before the returning superstar could say much, Slyck and April unexpectedly hit the ring. Slyck had apparently taken offense to Gordon's proclamation that Scorpio was the greatest African-American superstar in wrestling, and confronted him head-on. An impromptu brawl broke out, with Scorpio sending Slyck retreating for cover for the moment, but it appeared the issue between the two may be far from over.

3. Next was a return match between the popular CJ O' DOYLE and MONSTA MACK. These two had faced on on two other occasions, but were interrupted both times. On this night, O' Doyle was able to defeat his larger foe after Mack's attempt to hit his "legendary" Van-Mackinator once again went awry.

4. Before O' Doyle could even recover from his hard-fought battle with Monsta Mack, Rob Eckos (still in street clothes) reappeared, proclaiming that it was time to show the world his serious side. He ordered the time keeper to ring the bell, and just like that, CJ O' Doyle was in his second consecutive match of the night. Despite putting up a brave front, the weakened CJ was no match for the intensity of Eckos, who took the victory after a vicious superkick. To add insult to injury, Eckos feigned a moment of sportsmanship after the bell, only to continue the assault, hitting his "Alpine Line".

5. In a three-way DREAM MATCH to determine the new #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship, the past, present and future of wrestling daredevils faced off, in the form of 2 COLD SCORPIO, AJ STYLES, and CHRIS SABIN. All three showed that they were indeed worthy of competing at the highest level of competition that Philly has to offer: Sabin showed poise years beyond his short time in the sport, Scorpio proved that he is better than ever, and Styles finally emerged as the man to beat on the 3PW roster. Sabin was eliminated first, thanks to Scorpio. In the end, AJ Styles hit the "Styles Clash" to get the three count. Scorpio's hand was actually grabbing the bottom rope during the pinfall, but since the referee did not see it, the decision stood. With this win, AJ earned a shot at the Championship at the next show, but we would have to wait until later in the night to learn exactly whom he would be challenging.

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6. Next, ROADKILL was slated to take on Jack Victory, but Rockin' Rebel came out instead, fuming that his partner had still not arrived. Before Rebel could do anything, he received a call on his cell phone. It was Victory, who apparently took the liberty to ditch his 3PW obligation to spend the evening at Cheerleaders, a local strip club. Rebel was forced to take the match for his partner, and once again experienced defeat, this time at the hands of the Angry Amish Warrior.

7. History was made next, as the 3PW Tag Team Championships were defended for the first time ever. Indeed, Slyck Wagner Brown and April Hunter were set for an absolute war with PITBULLS 2004, and that's exactly what they got, intensified even more by the presence of special ref Talia, Pitbull manager Jasmin, and Commissioner Gordon at ringside. Things were predictably out of control, but when Talia was knocked out, it was too much for the Commish to bear. Wanting to end the dangerous situation ASAP, Gordon stepped in to count the pinfall for the Pitbulls, giving Mike Kruel and Gary Wolfe the Tag Team Championships. While Jasmin may have gotten the last laugh on Saturday, the war between herself, Talia and Tod Gordon is just heating up.

8. Damian Adams entered the ring next, ready to face the unpredictable STRIKER. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and when they came back on, a familiar figure to Philly wrestling was in the ring, pointing to the skies like he has done so many times before...no, it wasn't Sabu, it was STRIKE-BU! Adams was continually befuddled in this one, unable to deal with the ridiculousness that Striker always brings to the table. Just as Adams finally gained control of the match, a familiar whistle blasted from the entranceway. Puzzlingly, it was Rob Eckos, in full "Bill Alfonso" mode, apparently in support of Striker. On Eckos' urging, the height-phobic Striker set Adams up on a table and headed to the top turnbuckle to put him through the wood, but Adams moved. "Strike-Bu" went through the table, allowing Adams to get the pinfall. Afterwards, for the first time in recent memory, Striker actually displayed anger at Eckos, who seems to be thoroughly conflicted as to what kind of image he wants to portray.

9. In the main event, former 3PW Champion JOEY MATTHEWS received his opportunity to regain that title from new Champ "Fallen Angel" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS. The two most cerebral competitors in this history of Pro-Pain Pro were set to seek out an all-important psychological advantage against the other, when new top contender AJ Styles made his way to ringside to scout the possible competition. Despite some icy moments with both wrestlers, AJ shied away from physical involvement, allowing Champion and Challenger to concentrate on their "game of human chess". It was a fantastic battle that saw both men push themselves, and each other, to the limit. It appeared that Daniels may have reached the end of his rope after Matthews survived his "Angel's Wings", but in the end, the "Fallen Angel" hit THREE consecutive "Best Moonsaults Ever" to put his challenger down for the count. For the time being, Chris Daniels' title reign was safe, but his future was now set in stone. It will be the "Fallen Angel" vs. AJ Styles III... and this time, the richest prize in 3PW will be on the line!