3PW Splintered

Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA - June 19, 2004

3PW returned to it's home base in South Philadelphia this past Saturday night, as we saw the past, present and future all play a part in one of the most memorable events in our company's history. If you weren't able to make it, here's what went down:

1. In the opening match, N8 MATSON defeated RON ZOMBIE. Both men were after their first big victory in 3PW, and in the end, the quickness of Michigan's finest proved enough to get the duke over Zombie. An injured "Fallen Angel" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS hit the ring, acknowledging his inability to compete on this occasion. However, still wanting a rematch with AJ STYLES, he threw down the challenge for July 17th, as these two men will finally meet to trust determine who the better man is.

2. DAMIAN ADAMS illegally used the ropes illegally to pin "The Shooter" MIKE KRUEL. After a very competitive match, Adams snuck out the victory, much to Kruel's chagrin. However, "The Shooter" would reappear in shocking fashion later in the evening.

3. ROCKIN' REBEL issued an open challenge, citing his "Double Trouble" partner, Jack Victory's absence, and claiming that he wanted to take on any tough guy in the back. Much to his (and the fan's) surprise, out came none other than "Public Enemy's" JOHNNY GRUNGE, who proceeded to brawl with the Rebel all around ringside and chase him out of the arena before returning to the ring to address and thank all of the fans who helped make him a true Philadelphia hardcore legend. During the "Sugar Shack", "Sugardaddy" TOD GORDON announced that he is now the new interim 3PW Commissioner. Gordon announced his first rulings, stating that the 3PW Championship will never again be retained via a cheap decision, and that the upcoming 3-way championship match would have elimination rules. JASMIN ST. CLAIRE joined the show, voicing her distaste for the reemergence of TALIA to the "Sugar daddy" camp before promising that she would have a huge announcement later in the night.

4. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match: CJ O' DOYLE defeated "Pitbull" GARY WOLF. This was a return bout, signed after CJ got an upset pinfall over his former trainer one month ago, suffering a brutal post-match beat down by the "Pitbull" in the process. O' Doyle knew he was in for the fight of his life, and struck early, fighting fire with fire by attacking before the bell. Predictably, the more experienced World gained control, and seemed to have things well in hand, utilizing various tables, ladders and chairs to inflict scary punishment to his "student". In a must-see move, he even power bombed CJ through eight steel chairs...on the concrete! An overzealous "Pitbull" continually abused the ringside security, a move that cost him, as the 3PW staff eventually got involved, pushing him off of a ladder at a key moment, allowing O' Doyle to recover and put his mentor through a table en route to another miraculous victory. 5. The BLUE MEANIE defeated ROADKILL (accompanied by his manager, Jasmin St. Claire) with a quick rollup. Afterwards, an irate Roadkill speared the Meanie to hell, and was even joined in his post-match assault by "Pitbull" Gary Wolf. Enter Mike Kruel, who appeared to hit the ring to even the odds.... but instead joined in on the Meanie beating! With "The Shooter", "The Pitbull", and Roadkill standing tall, Kruel and Wolf suddenly and swiftly shocked us all AGAIN by turning on and decimating Roadkill! A smug Jasmin proudly proclaimed that her major announcement of the evening was, in fact, the formation of her new duo... Mike Kruel... Gary Wolf... "PITBULLS 2004"!

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5. Tag Team Match: SLYK WAGNER BROWN and APRIL HUNTER defeated The "Ultimate" STRIKER and ROB ECKOS. Pre-match, Eckos claimed to have finally talked his on-again, off-again partner back to reality, stating that the serious MATT Striker would be making his return. Instead, much to Rob's dismay, the exact opposite occurred, as the Ultimate Striker made his debut. Despite firing up the 3PW crowd with his insanity-fueled antics, the due of Brown and Hunter were able to take advantage of Striker's lack of focus and got the victory. Afterwards, a fed-up Eckos once again berated his partner, ordering Striker to straighten up...or lose the only friend he has left.

6. SABU defeated RUCKUS in a first-time-ever match. Two of the most notorious daredevils in the history of wrestling went move-for-move and risk-for-risk in a unique, must-see encounter. Words cannot describe the action in this one, but even with Sabu winning, both men proved that they are deserving of all the accolades they have received thus far in their careers. Afterwards, a bitter Ruckus attacked Sabu with a chair, ensuring that this issue may only be getting started.

7. 3PW Heavyweight Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: For the 3PW Heavyweight Championship, JOEY MATTHEWS defeated AJ STYLES and JERRY LYNN in a three way dance. One of the most exciting matches in 3PW history, all three men did their very best to outwrestle, outthink, and outlast the others in an attempt to walk out of Viking Hall with the richest prize in 3PW. In the midst of all the action, Matthews attempted to once again save his title by simply leaving the arena, only to be stopped by Christopher Daniels. The "Fallen Angel" then further made his presence felt, directly causing Styles to be eliminated. After more back-and-forth action, Matthews used a low-blow and a double-arm DDT on a chair to get the victory.