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CHRISTOPHER DANIELS (Champion) Vs. SLYCK WAGNER BROWN Six months ago, a hot commodity named Slyck Wagner Brown came within inches of winning the 3PW heavyweight Championship on his very first try. In fact, many say that the "Underground King" would have taken the gold...if he had kept his mind on business and off of his then-partner, APRIL HUNTER. Although the two maintained a relationship for several months afterwards, even winning the tag team championships, things were never quite the same, especially not for Slyck. We don't know the full details behind what appears to have been a somewhat harsh and sudden split. What we DO know is that Slyck is a changed man, a focused man, a more dangerous man then ever before. He has gotten in the "Fallen Angel's" face on several occasions already, and has convinced Commissioner BILL APTER to give him this title shot. Unquestionably, 2004 was the year of the "Fallen Angel"...but as we wrap up one year and begin another, will we see the genesis of the era of the "Underground King"?


Simon's surprise return to South Philly in November was both a gift and a curse to 3PW fans...a gift because this remarkable thinking man's athlete had finally returned to the place that made him a household name...a curse because now we have to hear him complain about how he should be main-eventing based on name recognition alone. On February 19th, he will have an opportunity to prove to the world that he is a true franchise player in a FIRST-TIME match-up when he takes on AJ Styles, who has a lot to prove as well. Certainly, 2004 was the year of missed opportunities for the Phenomenal one, but a win over an established superstar like Simon could be just what AJ needs to turn things around for the new year. AJ has the motivation, but Simon claims to have something even more valuable: a secret weapon that he will not unveil until February 19th. What, or WHO, is Simon bringing to his corner in Philly, and what does it mean for AJ Styles? Bookmakers have been pretty exciting ahead of this match. People are debating who will win the contest and there have been some really good odds from East Asian bookies for everyone who is looking to bet on AJ or Simon. From the alternative link for bet365 Indonesia fans can see who has the better chances right now.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH! CJ O' DOYLE Vs. ROB ECKOS < If our anniversary event represents a chance for a new beginning for many 3PW superstars, ROB ECKOS may have gotten a jump start. Late last year, Eckos distanced himself from his less-than-serious reputation, his pretty boy image, and especially his on-again, off-again friendship with STRIKER. In fact, Eckos was hell-bent on doing absolutely anything to prove that he was now a legitimate threat, including roughing up CJ O' DOYLE. The last time these two tangled, Eckos intentionally struck CJ with the ringbell, knocking him completely unconscious and earning a rare 3PW disqualification. But if Eckos thought that he had won a battle, he soon learned that the war has just begun, as O'Doyle will get one more shot at revenge...this time, anything goes! In 2004, the man some have dubbed "Kid 3PW" has beaten the odds time and time again, even defeating former 3PW Champ "Pitbull" Gary Wolfe in some hellacious hardcore battles. This time, can Eckos turn up the aggression yet another notch to finally put CJ down for the last time, or will O'Doyle Rule once again?

ALSO SCHEDULED TO APPEAR: Rockin Rebel, The Blue Meanie, Roadkill, Mike Kruel, Damian Adams, Monsta Mack, April Hunter and the return of STRIKER!!!!



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3PW The Show Must Go On - The New Alhambra - Philadelphia, PA - January 15, 2005

N8 Mattson pinned Monsta Mack. Don E. Allen won a Battle Royal where the winner became the referee for Bra & Panties Match with Simon Diamond, Roadkill, Rockin' Rebel, The Blue Meanie, CJ O'Doyle, N8 Mattson, Damian Adams & Monsta Mack eliminated. Roadkill pinned Simon Diamond. The Blue Meanie beat Damian Adams. April Hunter and Talia went to a no-contest in a Bra & Panties match after 3PW Commissioner Bill Apter ruled that Don E. Allen didn't sign a paper stating he was a legal referee with the State Athletic Commissions Frank Talent, even though April had stripped Talia to her bra & panties. The Rockin' Rebel pinned CJ O'Doyle. 3PW champion Christopher Daniels pinned Slyck Wagner Brown in a Four-Way with Chris Sabin & AJ Styles.

3PW Not Enough Time - Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA - May 15, 2004 1. Rob Eckos defeated Nate Matson.
2. Three Way Match: Ruckus defeated Mike Kruel and Damian Adams.
Tod Gordon's "Sugar Shack" interview segment saw him berate Roadkill, telling him that he had lost the hunger he had in ECW. Gordon had Jasmin St. Claire slap Roadkill to fire him up, and gave Roadkill Jasmin's managerial guidance for his match with the Blue Meanie.
3. Tag Team Match: Jack Victory & Rockin' Rebel defeated Ron Zombie & Don E. Allen.
4. CJ O'Doyle defeated Pitbull Gary Wolfe. Following the match, Wolfe destroyed O'Doyle, putting him through two tables and leaving him laying on the arena floor.
5. Roadkill with Jasmin St. Claire defeated The Blue Meanie.
6. 3PW Heavyweight Championship Match: Jerry Lynn defeated 3PW Heavyweight Champion Joey Matthews by countout when Matthews walked out of the building with the belt. Lynn got on the mic afterwards and demanded a No DQ, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere match with Matthews for the next show.
7. Mixed-Tag Team Match: Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter with Tod Gordon defeated "Macho Man" Matt Striker & Miss Talia when April pinned Striker after a spinebuster following a Slyk superkick. After the match, Talia turned on Striker, saying she would rather be a slave to a real man, than hang around a "boy" like him. Talia then voluntarily put on her old leash, and left with Tod Gordon. Striker seemed despondent afterwards, and Rob Eckos came to the ring to tell Striker that he didn't need the silly gimmicks to be a star.
8. Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles went to a 30 minute draw in an incredible match. They asked for five more minutes, received them, and went to another draw. Daniels refused to go another five minutes, saying the fans already got their money's worth, and left. Styles was NOT introduced as the NWA World Champion, and did not wear the belt to the ring.

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3PW The Future Is Now - Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA - April 17, 2004

1. Slyk Wagner Brown (with April Hunter) defeated Ricky Vega. 2. "Pitbull" Gary Wolf defeated Ron Zombie. 3. CJ O'Doyle defeated the debuting "The Amazing" N8 Matson. 4. "Macho Man" Striker (with Talia) and Rob Eckos went to a no contest after run-ins from Tod Gordon, George Frankenstein (aka Gorgeous George) and Jasmin St. Claire. Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter on behalf of Gordon and St. Claire ran in as well. 5. Tag Team Match: Jack Victory and Rockin Rebel defeated The Blue Meanie and Roadkill after Roadkill turned on Meanie. Before the match 3PW Commissioner Raven cut down Roadkill before the match, telling him he'd turned into a caricature of himself. 6. Mike Kruel defeated Monsta Mack. 7. Ruckus defeated Damian Adams with a version of the Van Terminator. 8. Jerry Lynn defeated Sabu with his trademark cradle piledriver. 9. 3PW Heavyweight Championship Match: Joey Matthews defeated 3PW Champion Raven to win the 3PW title.

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